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MAGIC CLARIFYING CREAM § NOURISHING, with Kojic Acid, Alpha Arbutin and Shea Butter.



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KOJISHINE-GLOW is a magical rich clarifying cream for the body and face, concentrated in active ingredients. The combination of kojic acid and alpha arbutin effectively inhibits melanin, eliminates spots and hyperpigmentation. The action of glycolic acid harmonizes the complexion, regenerates the skin and favors a better penetration of the active ingredients. The satin-like action of the shea butter, nourishes and softens the skin which becomes clear, rejuvenated and smooth with a delicately pleasant perfume.


Take a shower with one of the GLUTA-LINE soaps or shower gel, then , apply KOJISHINE-GLOW cream all over your body and massage until perfect penetration.

Precaution of use:

Test on a square of skin before use, do not use in case of irritation or redness; do not use on the eye contour.


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